Quick and Reliable Window Repairs in


You deserve to have a home that is beautiful at all times and if you’re ever in need of window repairs in Melbourne; our team at Glass Trends can get the job done better than anyone else. Your windows are some of the most important aspects of your home and it would be both unwise and inefficient to leave any window in a state of disrepair.

We’ve been in the business of glass supply and installation for several years and have the necessary experience and first-hand knowledge to restore your windows to their original pristine condition. We manage to do this by treating all our customers as unique situations that require a lot more than just a couple of pre-fabricated windows.

By studying the design and look that your previous windows brought to your property, our glaziers can create custom made windows to match the style that was in use prior to the repair. In fact, many customers take advantage of our skill at glass working and coordinate with our team to update the look of their homes.

What makes Glass Trends different from the competition?

  • Custom Made Glass Supplies – We aren’t simple distributors or resellers. We’re a team of professional craftsmen who take pride in the quality and reliability of our work, striving to make every new project better than the last. Even the most minor of repair jobs is treated with utmost professionalism as we know our customers expect nothing but the best from our team.
  • Dedication to your comfort and satisfaction – Our team is on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week should any emergency arise for our customers. If an accident or other incident occurs that causes damage to your much valued windows, we’re on standby to make sure you get top quality window repairs in Melbourne, quickly and professionally.
  • An eye for style and quality – Other companies might be able to install new glass windows, splashbacks, or showers, but very few have an understanding of how to make these new fittings work with a customer’s current style. We work closely with our clients and offer them expert advice on what would further enhance the appeal and market value of their property.

For top calibre service, trust only in Glass Trends.